Sean Forney

The Art of Sean Forney

This is the official website of artist Sean Forney.

This website is a showcase of artwork of  illustrator/comic book artist Sean Forney located in Delaware, Ohio.

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Sean has worked on titles such as Black Flame (Devil’s Due/1First Comics), Lord of Gore (Devil’s Due/1First Comics), Bloodstrike (Image), Zen: Intergalactic Ninja (Devil’s Due/1First Comics), Archaea (Devil’s Due/1First Comics), Grimm Fairy Tales (Zenescope), Warlords of WOR (ManorMonster? Studios), SuperBeasts (Fifth World Studios), Notti & Nyce (Counterpoint Entertainment), BlindSide (ContraBand Comics), Cyberines (Red Anvil Comics), Do You Pooh (Counterpoint Entertainment), Judges, Superiors, Pirate Queen, WarZone Girls (WarZone Girls), Deadpooh (Comi-Kazi), New Gen: New Dawn (A.P.N.G. Enterprises), Bakugan (SpinMaster), LEGO Club Magazine, Scholastic, and many more.



Warlords of Wor is part of Mini Comics Included on Thrillbent.


Warlords of WOR Issue #5 Cover Line Art: Tim Seeley Colors: Sean Forney

Sean is available for hire as an illustrator, penciler, painter, colorist, logo designer, and much more.